Imer Gas Concrete Mixer


Imer Wheelman II Gas Concrete Mixer 1105426

For the 2-3 person construction crew, there is no need to tow a mixer to the job site, not when the Wheelman II can make a wheelbarrow of concrete, mortar, stucco, grout, or dry pack mortar every 4 minutes! Easy to clean poly drum.


  • Mixes 200lbs to 275lbs of mortar, stucco, grout and concrete in less than 4 minutes.

Gas Power Honda Engine

  • Working on a jobsite without electrical power, no problem, the Wheelman is available with a 3 h.p. Honda engine.
  • These mixers truly are Contractor duty!


  • Easy to move around, construction duty 14″ tires make the Wheelman a breeze to roll around the job site or home
  • In just a minute, the Minuteman or Wheelman can be “knocked down” into 3 easy to load components.
  • All this by one person, with no tools required!


Imer Wheelman Gas Concrete Mixer Specifications
Drum Capacity 5 cu. ft.
Batch Output 200 lbs. / 2 cu. ft.
Motor Rating Honda 3 hp
Dimensions 30″ x 20.5″ x 14″
Weight 115 lbs.


Project-Mixing Imer Product Application
Mixing Concrete
(small batch-250lbs or less)
Minuteman or Wheelman
Mixing Concrete
(large batch 400-800lbs)
Workman 250 or 350
(small batch-1 bag 80lbs or less)
Mini Mix 60
(medium batch-2 bag 80lbs)
Mortarman 120
(large batch 400lbs or more)
Workman 250 and 350
(small batch 80lbs or less)
Mini Mix 60
(small batch 160lbs-270lbs)
Mortarman 120 or Minuteman
(large batch 400lbs-800lbs)
Workman 250 or 350


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