U.S. & Canadian Underground Utility Locater Telephone Numbers

In Florida, Call: Sunshine State One Call of Florida

State Organization Phone Number
Alabama Alabama One Call 1-800-292-8525
Alaska Locate Call Center of Alaska, Inc. 1-907-278-3121
Arizona Arizona Blue Stake, Inc. 1-602-263-1100
Arkansas Arkansas One Call System, Inc. 1-800-482-8998
California Underground Service Alert North, 1-800-422-4133
Underground Service Alert South, 1-800-422-4133
Colorado Utility Notification Center of Colorado, 1-800-922-1987
Connecticut Call Before You Dig 1-800-922-4455
Delaware Miss Utility of Delmarva 1-800-282-8555
Florida Sunshine State One Call of Florida, Inc. 1-800-432-4770
Georgia Utilities Protection Center, Inc. 1-800-282-7411
Hawaii Hawaii One-Call 1-800-227-2600
Idaho Dig Line 1-800-342-1585
Palouse Empire Undrgrnd Crd. Cncl. 1-800-822-1974
Kootenai County Utility Coord. Cncl. 1-800-428-4950
Utilities Underground Location Center 1-800-424-5555
One Call Concepts – Idaho 1-800-626-4950
Shoshone county One Call 1-800-398-3285
Illinois Julie, Inc. 1-800-892-0123
Chicago: Digger 1-312-744-7000
Indiana Indiana Underground Plant Prototection Service. Inc. 1-800-382-5544
Iowa Underground Plant Loc. Service, Inc. 1-800-292-8989
Kansas Kansas One Call Center 1-800-DIG-SAFE
Kentucky Kentucky Underground Protec., Inc. 1-800-752-6007
Louisiana Louisiana One Call 1-800-272-3020
Maine Dig Safe – Maine 1-888-344-7233
Maryland Miss Utility of Delmarva 1-800-282-8555
Miss Utility 1-800-257-7777
Massachusetts Dig Safe – Massachusetts, 1-888-344-7233
Michigan MISS DIG System Inc 1-800-482-7171
Minnesota Gopher State One Call 1-800-252-1166
Mississippi Mississippi One Call System, Inc. 1-800-227-6477
Missouri Missouri One Call System, Inc. 1-800-344-7483
Montana Utilities Underground Loc. Center 1-800-424-5555
Montana One Call 1-800-551-8344
Nebraska Diggers Hotline of Nebraska 1-800-331-5666
Nevada Underground Service Alert of NV 1-800-227-2600
New Hampshire Dig Safe – New Hampshire , 1-888-344-7233
New Jersey Garden State Undrgrnd. Plnt. Loc. Ser. 1-800-272-1000
New Mexico New Mexico One Call system, Inc. 1-800-321-ALERT
New York Underground Fac. Protection Org. 1-800-962-7962
New York City – Long Island One Call Center 1-800-272-4480
North Carolina North Carolina One-Call Center 1-800-632-4949
North Dakota Utilities Underground Location Center 1-800-795-0555
Ohio Ohio Utilities Protection Service 1-800-362-2764
Oklahoma Call Okie 1-800-522-6543
Oregon Utility’s Underground Location Center 1-800-424-5555
Douglas Utility’s Coordinating Council 1-503-673-6676
Josephine Utility’s Coord Council 1-503-476-6676
Utility’s Notification Center 1-800-332-2344
Rogue Basin Utility Coord Council 1-503-779-6676
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc. 1-800-242-1776
Rhode Island Dig Safe – Rhode Island, 1-888-344-7233
South Carolina Palmetto Utility Protection Srvce Inc. 1-800-922-0983
South Dakota South Dakota One Call 1-800-781-7474
Tennessee Tennessee One Call System 1-800-351-1111
Texas Lone Star Notification Center 1-800-669-8344
Texas Excavation Safety System 1-800-344-8377
Texas One Call system 1-800-245-4545
Utah Blue Stakes Location Center 1-800-662-4111
Vermont Dig Safe – Vermont, 1-888-344-7233
Virginia Miss Utility of Virginia 1-800-552-7001
Miss Utility of Northern Virginia 1-800-257-7777
Washington Utilities Notification Center 1-800-332-2344
Grays Harbor & Pacific County Utility Coordinating Council 1-206-532-3550
Utilities Underground Location Center 1-800-424-5555
Chelan-Douglas Utility Coord Council 1-509-663-6111
Upper Yakima County Underground Utilities Council 1-800-553-4344
Inland Empire Utility Coord. Council 1-509-456-8000
Utilities Council of Cowlitz County 1-360-425-2506
Palouse Empire Utility Cord. Council 1-800-822-1974
Washington, DC Miss Utility 1-800-257-7777
West Virginia Miss Utility of West Virginia, Inc. 1-800-245-4848
Wisconsin Diggers Hotline, Inc 1-800-242-8511
Wyoming Wyoming One-Call 1-800-348-1030
Call Before You Dig Of Wyoming 1-800-849-2476
Canada Alberta: Alberta One-Call Location Corp. 1-800-242-3447
British Columbia: BC One Call 1-800-474-6886
Ontario: Ontario One Call Ltd 1-800-400-2255 or
Quebec: Info-Excavation 1-800-663-9228
Australia Dial Before You Dig 1100 1100